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Shaklee® Fundraising

General Questions

Q. What is Shaklee® Fundraising?

A. Shaklee Fundraising enables you to help a non-profit organization raise funds and awareness for their worthy cause by sponsoring them. Open to qualifying non-profit or tax-exempt organizations, Shaklee Fundraising allows the organization to raise money by operating their own Shaklee business.

Q. How is sponsoring through Shaklee Fundraising different from other methods of sponsoring?

A. When a non-profit organization joins Shaklee via the program, using the Non-Profit or Tax Exempt Application and Agreement, they can take advantage of the following unique benefits:

Q. What organizations can qualify to participate in Shaklee Fundraising?

A. Non-profit or tax-exempt organizations which can provide Shaklee with documentation of their tax-exempt status. This includes charitable organizations, religious organizations, educational organizations both private and public, and other non-profit and/or tax exempt organizations.

Q. Can a Non-Profit Distributor earn a bonus?

A. Yes, a Non-Profit Distributor can earn bonuses in exactly the same way as any other Shaklee Distributor. The only difference is that they are not required to do the 100 personal PV/IPV to qualify.

Q. What’s different about Shaklee Fundraising?

A. Shaklee makes it easy for you to concentrate on earning your goals. The advantages are that:

Q. What’s the benefit for Shaklee?

A.  First we get to work with you. Shaklee has a long history of supporting good causes and we want to partner with worthwhile non-profits across the country that are interested in making a difference.

We also get to expand our business and because we believe in our products we feel that by providing a healthier life for others we are doing what we like best.

Q. How does your organization make money?

A. Customers purchase Shaklee products on your Shaklee web site or by using a toll-free number. You earn money through:

Price Difference:


Q. How much money can my non-profit make?

A. This depends on your commitment, the number of members working on the program, and the amount of work you are able to devote. As with most programs, it takes effort to earn the reward. But the good news is that there is no limit to the earnings you can achieve with Shaklee.

Q. What is your commitment?

A. Your commitment includes:

Q. What is Shaklee’s commitment?

A. Shaklee will provide:

Q. Do I have to be local or can I join nationwide?

A. You do not have to be in Southern California.  We can do everything online. We will be able to communicate with you online and using our webinars.

Q. What advantage do i get working with vitamin supplements?

A. Vitamin Supplements is an Independent Shaklee Distributor. We have a team available that has been working with Shaklee for over 30 years and have been successful in building hundreds of Shaklee businesses. This experience will be valuable in getting your program up and running quickly and to support you along the way.

Q. How do i get started?

A. Contact a Shaklee Representative by using the CONTACT ME link at the top of this web page. We will set up an initial meeting – online or in person – where we will explain the program in more detail and answer any questions.

Shaklee Fundraising

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